Happy Hour

4– 6 pm

Monday thru Friday


ALL Draft and Bottle BEER  $4.00

House Wine    $4.00 (Cabernet, Merlot, or Chardonnay)

Well Liquor    $4.00

Select Cocktails $4.50


$5.25 Items

Crispy Pla BitesBite-sized fired catfish in a sweet robust chili reduction sauce.

Thai Hot Wings

Six of our crispy chicken wings tossed in our house Thai wing sauce.

Crab Rangoon

Flash-fried puffs w/ crab & cream cheese served w/ a tangy raspberry sauce.

Fresh Summer Rolls

Rice paper roll stuffed w/ chicken, shrimp, rice noodles, mint, cucumber, & cabbage.  Served cold.

Fresh Veggie Rolls

Rice paper rolls stuffed w/ tofu, rice noodles, mint, cucumber & cabbage.  Served Cold.

Fried Tofu

W/ peanut sauce & sweet miso.

Siamese Kisses

Shumai dumplings filled w/ minced chicken & shrimp topped w/ crispy garlic.

Edamame $2

A 6 oz. portion topped w/ kosher salt.

Choose Any 3 for $20

(Small plates)

Crispy Basil ChickenCrispy bite-sized chicken tossed in a sweet tamarind chili reduction sauce & served over flash-fried basil.

Garlic Beef & Broccoli

Stir-fried beef in a flavorful garlic oyster sauce w/ broccoli.

Pad Thai Noodles

Tossed w/ chicken, shrimp & bean sprouts in a sweet paprika vinaigrette.  Topped w/ crushed peanuts, green onion & lime wedge.

Jalapeno Fried Rice

Tossed w/ Thai basil, egg, bell peppers, Chinese sausage & broccoli.

Green Basil Curry w/ Pork

Hints of fresh chili & basil w/an assortment of green veggies in a coconut cream sauce.

Bombay Curry

An assortment of veggies in a gentle coconut creamy yellow curry.

Chicken Panang

Decadent kaffir lime curry w/coconut milk.  Served over chicken, carrots & bell peppers.


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