Taste of Thai

Spring Rolls, Satay, Thai Toast, Rangoon, Kisses and Pot Stickers served with Thai sauces.

Coconut Shrimp
6 shrimp pressed in coconut, flash-fried & served with a spicy mango pineapple and Thai sweet garlic dipping sauces.

Vietnamese Rolls
Rice paper roll fried and stuffed with pork with a sweet garlic sauce.

Thai Sticks
Skewered shrimp and chicken rolled in fried egg noodles with a spicy cucumber sauce.

Thai Toast
Flash-fried toast points filled with garlic and chicken with a spicy cucumber sauce.

Siamese Kisses
Ground chicken and shrimp in steamed shumai wraps topped with scallions and crispy garlic. Accompanied by triple sauces.

Soft Shell Crab
Tempura battered and served with a spicy cucumber sauce. 

Crab Rangoon
Flash-fried puffs filled with crab and cream cheese with Thai sauces.

Fried Tofu
With peanut sauce and sweet miso.

Spring Rolls
Fried and stuffed with egg, carrot and bean vermicelli. Served with sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Satay
Marinated chicken tenders served with cucumber and peanut sauces.

Thai Wings
Six of our version of hot wings smothered in a sweet spicy wing sauce.

Basil Curry Clams
Clams sauteed with garlic, chili peppers, curry powder and fresh basil.

Soups & Salads
Lettuce Wraps & Rolls
House Favorites
Beef & Pork
Side Dishes



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