Sweet and Sour Tamarind Chicken
Battered flash-fried chicken tossed with assorted vegetables and Thai chilies in our garlic tamarind glaze. 

Crispy Basil Chicken
Crispy bite-sized chicken tossed in a molasses and roasted chili sauce served over flash-fried basil.

Chef’s Special Teriyaki Chicken
Chicken Morsels, pineapple and green onion sautéed in Chef Johnny’s secret family teriyaki recipe. Topped with sesame seeds.

Evil Jungle Princess
Coconut cream based sauce with chicken and straw mushrooms. Accented with fresh mint.

Thai Basil Pasta
Flat noodles with minced chicken in a garlic paprika sauce with bean sprouts.

Roasted Duck Curry
Fresh red curry coconut cream, pineapple.

Cashew Chicken
Stir-fried with a vegetable medley in a garlic plum sauce. 

Chicken Panang
Red kaffir lime curry with coconut cream, carrots and bell peppers

Malee’s Roasted Duck
Sliced boneless duck over fresh spinach. Served with a dipping sauce.

Yellow Curry Chicken
With coconut cream, carrots, onion, bell peppers and potatoes.

Burma Gai
Chicken and flat noodles in yellow curry and coconut cream.

Drunken Dragon Noodles
Rice noodles tossed with chicken, basil, onion and green curry.

Spinach Chicken
Grilled chicken breasts over spinach with a curried peanut sauce.

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Lettuce Wraps & Rolls
House Favorites
Beef & Pork
Side Dishes




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