May Cooking Class is on the 18th!!!

We have spots open for Saturdays class, so sign up ASAP by calling 480-947-6042. The menu includes our Mango Pla Salad, Tropical Pineapple, Red Curry, Jalapeno Fried Rice and Spinach Chicken. The cost is $60 (plus tax) and includes pre-class mimosas, cooking demonstration, a wine-paired luncheon, recipe booklet, and a goodie bag with key Thai ingredients.


New Summer Hours
Mother’s Day will be our last day for being open for lunch on Sundays.  We will still be open for dinner from 4pm-9pm.  We will reopen for Sunday lunches after Labor Day.


April Cooking Class + New Menu Items for the Summer

Back by Popular Demand…
New Menu Items!

Back by popular demand, we are bringing back Thai Sticks (for those of you who don’t know what they are, you are in for treat and no you don’t smoke them). Thai sticks are a chicken shrimp mixture wrapped around a shrimp, then rolled in Chinese egg noodles and deep fried. There are three to an order and are served with cucumber salsa. YUM!!,We are also bringing back our devine Barbecued Chicken also served with cucumber salsa and my personal fav, Green Papaya Salad with Crispy beef jerky. A great summer dish, and we all know summer is upon us:-)

April Cooking Classes
chef April 13 ( Thai New Year) and April 27 are the dates for the April cooking classes. The menu will feature Drunken Dragon Wraps, Green Curry, Crispy Fish with Mango Salsa (Kris’s own creation) and Sticky Rice with Mango. The class starts at noon with mimosas, then the cooking demo with samples and is followed with a wine-paired luncheon. The cost is $60 per person ( what a deal!!!). Please call 480-947-6042 for reservations. The classes fill up quickly so don’t delay!

August Cooking Class

Our August cooking class menu is a response to customer requests (I love the fact that you read my newsletters) so we will be demonstrating Pad Thai, Hippy Noodles, Drunken Dragon Noodles, and Glass Noodles with Vegetables. This is a first for us so it should be a lot of fun. For our customers who are gluten free, no worry all our noodles are gluten free, three are rice noodles and the glass noodles are from mung beans. As always, the class starts with Mimosas and is followed by a wine-paired luncheon. We also give each student the recipes and a goodie bag with Thai ingredients. The class starts at noon and goes to 2 or so, depending on how much fun you are having, people have been known to stay till Happy Hour. Cost is $60 per person. Call 480 947-6042 for reservations.

July Cooking Class


The July cooking class is Saturday, July 21st. The menu will include chile reduction sauce, Tom Ka Gai, Crispy Basil Chicken, and Yellow Curry. The class starts at 12 and is followed by a wine-paired luncheon, the cost is $60.00 per person please call 480 946-6042 for reservations.

June Cooking Class Menu

ImageThe menu for June’s cooking class will feature our famous Tom Ka Gai and chile reduction sauce, homemade green curry with dragon wrap, and red curry with spinach chicken. As always we start with mimosas and the class is followed by a wine-paired luncheon; each participant is given written recipes and a goodie bag with key Thai ingredients. The cost is $60 per person, please call 480 947-6042 for reservations. The classes fill up quickly so make your reservation ASAP.  

April 21st Cooking Class Menu (same as April 7th menu if you missed out on that class)

Kris just emailed me the menu for April 7th-Variations on Curry
1)     Chile reduction sauce (which is a curry by definition) as the base for Tom Ka Gai

2)     Chicken Stir fry with veggies, garlic and madras sauce

3)     Red Curry as the base for Spinach Chicken

4)    Drunken Dragon Wrap using green curry

This should be a great class, so make your reservation asap. If needed we can repeat this class on April 21st.